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Thursday, July 28, 2005

A policeman's lot

When the bombers have caused chaos and destruction
(And destruction)
And commuters know the danger they are in
(They are in)
And the Tube is in a state of great disruption
(Great disruption)
We don't trust anyone with dark brown skin
(Dark brown skin)

If we see a young man wearing a big jacket
(A big jacket)
Then we must proceed, although it gives us pain
(Gives us pain)
We don't check if he has a bomb or lacks it
(Bomb or lacks it)
A policeman shoots directly to the brain
Then we must proceed, although it gives us pain, gives us pain
A policeman shoots directly to the brain, to the brain

When the enterprising bomber may be lurking
(May be lurking)
With homicidal thoughts within his head
(In his head)
Then I only know one policy that's working
('Cy that's working)
We should blast them out with several rounds of lead
(Rounds of lead)

While commuters wander round, all unsuspecting
We policemen are disguised as normal folk
(Normal folk)
It's certain that the public needs protecting
(Needs protecting)
So we'll shoot at any dodgy-looking bloke
While policemen are disguised as normal folk, normal folk
We'll shoot at any dodgy-looking bloke, dodgy bloke.

(After W.S. Gilbert)



  • At 10:23 am , Blogger Dr Moose said...

    Dark humour. I like it! A link and appropriate not in my blog will be forthcoming...


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