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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Back to Christian Union

Feel a bit better about the church stuff now. I went to Christian Union this evening (yes, and term hasn't even started! dem crazee Christians :) ) and was talking to Lois (who I knew from Gilbert and Sullivan) and she seemed to understand my misgivings. So although I'm going to try and go to that church tomorrow morning (eek! morning has become the time I go to bed :) ) I'm at least reassured that I'm not crazy for wanting to find somewhere else.

I met a cool guy at CU who told me he has a Hug Ministry. He said they have prayer for revival, and he's a friend of a guy I met at Faith Camp! It's cool because at the meeting the talk was on evangelism and it seemed to centre mainly on just talking to people, and I was getting edgy thinking that it's nothing without the Holy Spirit - prayer is really important. And then the guy I was talking to (he has a really distinctive name so I feel I ought to think of a nickname for him) said the same thing as we were talking. So I'd like to get to know him and his friends a bit better :D

I also saw Lucy! We were at school together. Randomly, I was also talking to a girl called Laura who turned out to also be from Kent - she was in Lucy's youth group at church. How strange... And I saw Karen, who's a sweet geeky girl who now has a sweet geeky boyfriend. Geeks in love :D

Ooh, if you know me irl you may be surprised I was at CU because I used to talk about how I don't like them. However 1) the committee's changed about three times since the one I didn't like and 2) to be honest I had a really bad superior attitude. I criticised without really knowing the people or most of what went on. Also there was that little crisis of faith... which I can't be bothered to find and link to right now :) But anyhoo, after writing an article on Christian unity in the Christian magazine on campus I realised that I wasn't following my own advice. I think it's really important that we Christians stick together and if we do have issues with how other Christians act, then it's more loving to discuss it than ignore it.

Now, I'm going to go home, have some supper and pray :)



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