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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mess and cups of tea now at St. Helen's

There aren't enough hours in the day.

I mean, I really want to be in the Gilbert and Sullivan society... I want to do Patience... I want to be a lovesick maiden. I want to flutter after an obvious parody of Oscar Wilde. But I don't think I'll get time :( On the other hand, with any luck I'll get time to do the summer show. Finals? What are they? :D

I realised about ten minutes after posting last entry that it was kinda negative... So I thought it would only be fair if I posted some of the nice things about the fact that I'm rapidly becoming a Christian societies nerd.

Went to a prayer meeting Thursday morning. Felt a bit angsty beforehand, and because it was generally freestyle worship I was trying to think of things I need to pray for... and it was almost as if, when I began my requests, God said, "Not now."
I get so caught up with the notion of *doing* things. ("And as soon as you're not a human being, you're a human doing. Then what comes next?" "A human going!") But I remembered how in church on Sunday they said that we are made for worship, not work - ie. our first purpose is having a relationship with God and anything else comes out of that. Before we go out and save the world, God wants us to simply spend time with him. He does call us to help others and to speak out and to pray for other people but first of all he just wants to know us!

Also I think we can get caught up in big causes and end up focusing on them instead of God. We can't do anything without him, but still we... or at least I... manage to forget that. This is kinda like offering someone a lift and then refusing to put fuel in your car.

And it occurred to me that I always have doubts and questions and worries... but the time they trouble me most is when I don't pray. When I pray, the reality of God is so strong that I don't feel threatened by a question or a doubt - it'd be as stupid as believing a rumour about my best friend. If I heard something weird about my best friend I could just go and ask her about it. And if I'm troubled about stuff to do with God, I can just ask him about it. Cool huh?

Latest church-search news - going to church I had dilemmas about on Sunday morning. I'm annoyed with calling it 'that church' so from now on I'm going to call it "St. Catherine's" even though it's not called that. Might go to another church in the evening if I have time. I read on the adverts that "St. James's" has lots of outreach projects in the city so it might just be my kind of church. If not, I think I'll just stick with St. Mike's (not its actual name, but everyone calls it that...)

You know, calling every church St. something makes them all sound Anglican/Catholic. But actually all Christians are referred to as saints in Paul's letters in the New Testament, which means that I can rename my room "St. Helen's".



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