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Friday, November 18, 2005


i <3 da planz 2 mAk txt spk lit clasix, as reportd by da BBC. reminds me /r&j in 1337 spk.

if only i hd dis durin my gcses. dey wer CWOT. gr8 XpktAshns ws 2 lng.

pt. 1:
pip: im p00r.
cnvct: gimme f00d.
pip: eep, k.

miss hvshm: StLA, brAk pips <3
StLa: k
pip: I <3 u StLa.
StLa: *slap*

jo: pip, b blcksmth lyk me
pip: bt i <3 StLa!
jgrs: pips rich, sum1 gAv pip lOdza £££.
pip: yay, miss hvshm mst wnt me 2mari StLa.

pip: i <3 StLa.
StLa: im goin2mari bntly
pip: n0!!!!!111
cnvct:i gAv u da £££ pip.
pip: n00000!!!!!1111

cnvct:o no dey fnd me, im goin 2b hngd *dies*
pip: im p00r&sad. b1dE wil u mari me?
b1dE: i maried jo
pip: poo
StLa: im p00r2, bntly wAstd my £££
pip: w00t

da end. i fnk ull agrE its mch imprUvd.



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