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Friday, November 18, 2005

Dream, party, Quakers

Birthday cake
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I really shouldn't have Radio 2 on my alarm (and no, Radio 1 would not be better). This morning I dreamed that I was in a pantomime for Children in Need and we sang "Don't Fear the Reaper" for an unexplained reason, then Terry Wogan made a joke about breakdancing and sang "Walking in Memphis".

Only I suspect it's just because I sometimes can't tell if Cher is female, because it was definitely Cher singing "Walking in Memphis", not Terry Wogan. Then my A-level chemistry teacher (Mr. E) made a cameo appearance, and this is probably because I was telling a girl yesterday that I'd written on a piece of homework that ethanol has a "pleasantly intoxicating" smell. Dr. C (my other A-level chemistry teacher) thought this was funny. Mr. E probably would have just scowled. I miss A-level chemistry :) (I could actually do it, for a start).

Final year project is going all right though. I have to do a radioactive labelling experiment on Tuesday. Hmm. Term is going much too quickly.

It's so cold in York. I'm in the computer room with a jumper and a coat on and still shivering. Btw, If you want to see some photos of York, click on my photos. OK, they're mostly ones of campus but I think they're still nice :)

Wednesday I went to Ceri's birthday party. Ceri is a vegan and a Quaker, and a Christian Focus person, so a small group of CF people were there (two of whom were her housemates). There was vegetable soup and a wonderful vegan chocolate cake (made by Sophie and Rachel. Sophie's a St. John's student). We all got hyper after the chocolate cake. We attempted to burn the Mr. Men candles in interesting ways and at numerous points threatened to set fire to the table cloth. Which was actually a bed sheet. Aah, student life!

I went to a Quaker meeting last Sunday, actually. I pretty much knew what to expect, but it was still interesting. Meetings are mostly silence so I tried to think holy thoughts but ended up thinking about duct tape and what the best way to write lines with Microsoft Word would be. Sigh. Not sure what I think. I like the Quakers a lot (once did a 'what religion should you be' test that reckoned I should be an Orthodox Quaker*) but I'm not sure if I want to become one or even what a Quaker is. Think I might go again on Sunday morning. (Either that or St. Catherine's where amusingly I was told that 'Oh Quakers aren't Christians'. No, some Quakers are Christians, tsk :) Still haven't settled on a church :) I like all the ones I've been to, though. And bah, even though faith is in an odd place, I'm still going to Christian Union. Heh.

*Quakers are unusual in that they don't have a specific creed, meaning that some are definitely Christians and some are fluffy theists, and some don't really know what they are. This is a strength and a weakness, in a way - on one hand, everyone is accepted. On the other, no one's quite sure what they're accepted into :) I'm sure that Chrissie would disapprove :) From what I read their method of worship is simply obeying "Be still and know that I am Lord" and they respect all people because all people have something of God in them. And they're pacifists. They like to live simply, be honest and support each other in prayer. I also like them because in the early days they made a lot of chocolate :D



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