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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chat with Supervisor

God bless my academic supervisor. He grabbed me just as I was about to leave the lab. I'd only gone in there for about 15 minutes to make some new cells, and left it late because I didn't think I could bear to see my project supervisor, since last time I saw him I smiled, muttered something about being a bit nervous about my exams, ran away and cried. Not kidding. He's such a nice man and I was really convinced I'd fail and that'd be the end of my short career as his project student. So I didn't see him, much to my great relief, but I did see my academic supervisor, (who'd sent me an e-mail last week asking to meet up that I didn't see until Friday evening). Anyway, he grabbed me, made me sit down, and asked me what was going on.

So I murmured, not seeing any point in putting on a brave face, "I didn't do at all well in my exams."

"I know. You left a note in one of them."

Yeah, I did. And even... oh the shame... quoted Holden Caulfield...

"Are you all right?"

He proceeded to badger me until he'd got most of the whole miserable story. He didn't even look surprised when I explained the Hell thing, and mercifully didn't act like it was stupid. Then he told me we can meet next week (oh, and get some tissues, Helen) and talk about it, and I might as well get on with trying to work hard this term.

And I thought he'd be mad and awkward about it. But no... he was really nice. And do you know something? Now that someone knows that I did badly, I feel much better!


  • At 4:10 pm , Blogger Dr Moose said...

    There's something very therapeutic about other people knowing.

    Blogging is one way of doing it, but a very distant and inefficient one - no matter how personable your readers and commentators it's not the same as personal.

    Which is why the whole Incarnation thing is so important. Jesus in it with us, as well as the intimate knowledge of all that is within us.

    (You can tell I'm stuck in the middle of Epiphany and the whole manifestation of God in Jesus thing, can't you?)



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