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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Christian Societies Nerd

May I possibly alert your attention to The Jesus Blog? It's a blog based on the person and teachings of Jesus, which lately has been given a lot of the Hell angst - see my Bible study on Hell from the gospel of Matthew, although recently I also posted on loving other Christians. May I also remind all Hell apologists to pleeeease post your opinions to my post Calling all Hell believers?

Been getting back into project work. I think my bacteria have a genetic problem, they're not responding to induction. I've also been to three Christian societies in three days. Ich bin ein nerd.

Christian Focus on Monday was quite interesting, in that I ended up defending Charismatic Evangelicalism. We had an activity discussing whether a number of fairly famous people were prophets or not. CF being the sort of society it is, Mahatma Gandhi was deemed extremely prophetic and Terry Virgo was deemed very slightly prophetic. Although I came to TV's defence (he was the only person of the group who actually spoke about prophecy and claimed to do it), I could see why, even excluding the fact that CF has liberal tendencies (and the more evangelical members weren't present), we were much more impressed with Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dietrich Bonhoeffer etc. Apart from Terry Virgo, all the other "prophets" were people who'd suffered dearly for their convictions, and caused major upheaval. They did seem rather closer to a Biblical prophet, even if they didn't actually claim to be prophets. It was a very curious debate - perhaps it's not really fair to compare Gandhi and Virgo. Not knowing much about Terry Virgo I couldn't discern whether he actually is prophetic or not. Although I like the title of one of his books - it's called God's Lavish Grace.

On Tuesday I actually missed a Christian society meeting (gospel choir!) and went to Childhood Regression Night instead. I had my face painted and sang the Doctor Who theme as a forfeit in Pass the Parcel. I love Childhood Regression night.

So yesterday, I went to a meeting for the campus Christian magazine, and actually got two articles accepted! Afterwards Lizzie, Peter and I went to do some proofreading. The articles I read for the next issue are all really awesome. Someone wrote one on "spiritual authority" which explained Sola Scriptura, and someone else wrote one on Jesus as a revolutionary, which avoided both tiresome trendiness and tiresome traditionalism.

I felt rather glowy all afternoon, as I did some clearing up around the lab and waited for my samples to be processed. Then I went to college CU! College CU is different from university CU because, obviously, it happens within the college, and so it's a lot smaller and more talking and no preaching. We did a Bible study on loving one another that made me wish I'd written a longer entry on it. We also had a discussion on "why evangelism?" which piqued my interest because of an obvious subject that I'm a bit obsessed with.

We'd separated into little groups to discuss it and come up with Bible verses. My group was showing off by looking at the Old Testament, so I suggested Psalm 22:27, and Phil, in my group, took an even more bizarre route and used Genesis 3:15. Most people went for ones like 1 Peter 3:15, or Romans 10:14. We shared our reasons for evangelism - to the glory of God, because Jesus says so, because we love our neighbour, because it's Good News. One guy whose name I can't remember was asked. He glanced at his group's sheet.

"Because Hell is real," he shrugged.

I simmered quietly, wondering if I should ask if that's Gehenna, Hades, or Tartarus, or perhaps advise he re-read Psalm 22:27, or ask just how happy he was with the idea of all his non-Christian friends and family enduring eternal torment.

What disturbed me was how off-hand it was. I wondered, does he actually believe in Hell? If What's-his-name really believed, would he say it as if it was just an obvious tenet of his faith, hardly worth mentioning?

I do like the Christians in my college (why'd you think I go to college CU otherwise?), but I felt less glowy when I went home... although I perked up a bit when I found Kate watching Celebrity Big Brother and insulting George Galloway. I even sat down to watch Desperate Housewives with her, when usually I'm too snobbish dignified to watch anything with words like Desperate or Celebrity in the title. Desperate Housewives wasn't quite as bad as I'd imagined, but I doubt I'll be a regular viewer in future.

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