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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Give me a chance at being young, hip and counter-culture

I suspect, like many students before me, I'm suffering from being the Inhabitant of an Idealistic Dream World, but the corporations have started their recruitment drive... and ick.

Today I was handed a free smoothie (very nice, despite its small amount of banana), and a card suggesting that perhaps the place for me is in auditing or maybe tax assessment! If you know you're intellectual but creative as well, tax is the place for you!

Probably this is just a standard student hippy response (says the girl who buys coffee at Starbucks) but please save me from working in auditing. Or tax. Unless I'm somehow doing it for some company set up to Spread the Love and Feel the Peace, Man.

Or at least please give me a few years of being pretentiously counter-culture before I sell out.

Please. It's all I ask. Or at least don't make me wear a suit to work.



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