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Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Shakespeare's Birthday

On St. George's day, this playwright was born,
Envied by every poet amateur.
He died too on this day, and so we must mourn,
In our best iambic pentameter.

His comedies were raucous and daring,
His histories were all spectacular,
He is known for profound words declaring ,
And phrases used in the vernacular.

Take time to wish the Bard your very best,
For the sonnets and phrases that amaze,
For the stories that have surpassed the rest,
For every one of thirty-seven plays.

Thought children may feel tortured by him still,
I'm not a child, so happy birthday, Will.

We English should be proud! But, you know, not get in anyone's way, or offend anyone, we'll feel proud, though, deep down inside, and eat our good old English meals (like Chicken Tikka Masala) with a quiet humble pride.

Because, well, we wouldn't want to boast or anything, and certainly it's just serendipity that we happened to be born in this fair country, but Shakespeare was certainly a jolly talented chap. I'm sure that St. George fellow was wonderful too - of course it's rather sad that he wasn't English, probably never came to this country, very probably didn't actually kill a dragon. But never mind. We English are accommodating, providing of course they speak our language and not Foreign, and providing they don't insult our food.

Let's eat yorkshire pudding together, and recite our creed - I sincerely believe that England will, despite any odds, win the World Cup.

God save the Queen!

Cue chorus of Jerusalem...

Note: I since learned that Chicken tikka masala isn't English after all.

It's Scottish.

Now that's a Burn's night meal! We hae meat and we can eat...



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