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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My eyes are fully open to my awful situation...

I spent the weekend preparing for and performing in Gilbert and Sullivan's Gondoliers (again. But I actually had a principal role this time!) The madness escalated to the stage whereby we were all talking in G&S quotations. I have never heard of such a thing. What never? No never. What, never?)

So I present herewith a G&S parody (to a tune from Ruddigore....) that I hope will amuse you. See the Gilbert and Sullivan archive for original words and music if you like.

My love for G&S has grown to ludicrous proportions
That my tongue attempts to elocute the words in grand contortions
Now I do believe Conservat-IVE is good pronunciation
And I've memorised long stretches of Duke Plaza-tor's oration
Heartbroken of the blunder of how Bunthorne lost his Patience
Two Gondolieri made king of imaginary nations!
Not a thing that you could say would make my amour for them shatter
So I'll sing another verse of this inconsequential patter

(This inconsequential patter patter patter patter...)

I refuse to say that Gilbert's plotlines were a little silly
For satirical amusement will just shine out willy-nilly
(And even if a rhyme like that utterly benumbing
I'm sure that great Mad Margaret could make it sound becoming)
Love-philtres now seem logical (and so do women's colleges!)
Absurdities and parodoxes, these Gilbert acknowledges
I'm sure to listen to his idle transcendental chatter
Of the sort that would be found to any good Sullivan patter

(Any good Sullivan patter patter patter patter...)

If I had been so lucky as to have a voice impressive
(Though I once did play Inez singing in tones very expressive)
Then I'm certain that d'Oyly-Cart could offer me employment
And my life would then be filled with quite unbearable enjoyment
My enamourment with G&S won't prove to be ephemeral
So I'll write endless parodies of Modern Major General!
And I'll become an expert on each G&S-ish matter
And memorise (and parody) each long tongue-twisting patter!

And I'll become an expert on each G&S-ish matter
And memorise (and parody) each long tongue-twisting patter!


  • At 8:37 pm , Blogger Sarah said...

    Being a fan of g&s, and also of parodies, I am completely amused and impressed by this!!!


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