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Saturday, June 17, 2006

A smorgasbord of blog

I promised a while ago that I would post links to some blogs that I like. Well, I read an entry today (OK, yesterday technically) that I just had to share with you... Alice has had her baby!

She had her first son, Arthur, about a year and a half ago. Agonisingly to her readers, she posted that she was in labour and then vanished for four days. Thankfully she posted her wonderfully exciting birth story soon enough which left me wondering why anyone would have a second child after all that pain! But Arthur being so lovely I'm sure she forgot all about the 'pain' angle. She gave birth to Matthew on Wednesday, and amazingly somehow had the energy to post her birth story. It sounds like Arthur has the makings of a wonderful big brother.

Arthur took 2 sucks on the side that Matthew wasn't using, then popped off, craned his whole body and neck so that his face was inches from Matthew's, said, "Ahh-yo!" and kissed Matthew soooo carefully right on the tip of his little nose while he was feeding! Then he climbed down and ran off somewhere else!

There are pictures too!

This post by Brandon of badchristian.com made me laugh. He takes a look at the Da Vinci Code.

Their idol of progress has blinded them to the call for Christians everywhere to be offended by the attacks on the very celibacy of Christ present in the DaVinci Code. Further, their claims that Christ wasn’t a white middle class Republican is nothing less than repugnant. As if you needed more evidence of this heresy, sheesh.

Uh, I just found this next post just now, but it's interesting. Modern Day Heretic takes a look at perceptions of Jesus and how neat and tidy and generally acceptable he wasn't. Though I prefer to think of Jesus as having his afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off*, I like his thoughts.

One of the big problems facing the church is the Jesus Box. Whenever we think of Jesus, we think of a brown-hair, blue-eyed, strangely James Caviezel guy bleeding and in the throes of death. Or, in our less somber moments, the stern, wise, calm lecturer on good table manners and sex without touching.

Oh, and you have to love Dave Walker's Cartoon blog. This cartoon has been making me giggle for days, and solved much of my world cup ennui. In fact I was excited for a whole minute when I discovered we won the match Thursday.

I enjoy xianchick's "Church Search" blog. There are lots of interesting and honest thoughts about God - I particularly liked her entry about her "roommate" because she's taken the Bible literally in a way that most people don't ;)

I also adore Cute Overload. A cornucopia of kittens, puppies, bunnies, and other animals for maximum "aaaw" effect.

Andrew Rilstone wrote a brilliant entry lately on ten things he learned reading the Daily Express. Genius.

On August 31st 1997, the car in which Diana, Princess of Wales was a passenger crashed into a concrete pillar at 110 mph. The Princess was not wearing a seatbelt. The driver was drunk. So what could possibly have caused her death? For nine years, the Daily Express has been trying to solve this mystery. A few months ago, it proposed the theory that she was poisoned.

And finally... Sitting on a Park bench holding God's hand from A New life Emerging is wonderful.

Brought to you with the help of Bloglines.

*What? Some years ago, watching a movie based on Acts, I objected that Jesus had an American accent. "You think he had an English accent?" someone responded. Of course he did. He was English, he spent his childhood going to primary school and playing Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers, he probably watched Fawlty Towers and the Vicar of Dibley and he voted for Gareth Gates in Pop Idol. On reflection I think the advantage of having Passion of the Christ in Aramaic was that no one could complain he had the wrong accent.


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