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Sunday, June 04, 2006

What I've been up to recently

Been paddling.

Gone to the best Chinese Restaurant in the world. No, not for the food. Then again, I'm easily pleased, it's all-you-can-eat so just give me sweet and sour chicken, and cheesecake for dessert. It's the best because of the CHEESY DISCO! I went with the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, who are great because if you request, say "Reach for the Stars" or "Summer of 69" or "Saturday Night" (Whigfield) or "Wuthering Heights", they will rush to the dance floor. I have to say, the Wuthering Heights dance has to be seen to be believed.

Wandered around town and watched random street performers. This guy was pretty funny. Apparently street performing is his only job, or so he says to encourage you to give generously. If only I was foolhardy enough to learn to juggle fire. Perhaps I've missed my true calling. If you happen to see this bloke around York, do stop to watch then give him a quid or two. I didn't, but then I didn't actually have a quid on me.

Saw Martyn Joseph perform (pictured here with his support act, Rachel Taylor-Beales, who is also very awesome). He was great. The venue, Fibbers, is quite pub-like, making it like a cross between a gig and a folky sing-around, except that we'd all paid over £10 to get in. We all sang along too. It seemed very friendly and warm - my picture of it sadly didn't come out but on his encore, he come out and stood on a chair in the audience to sing "Stuck in a moment" by U2. During which his G string snapped.* There was also a wonderful moment when we all sang the chorus of Dic Penderyn... I think it was that sort of thing that caused my friend Sophie to say, "It's like Church. Well, not like church, but like church ought to be!" To my delight, alongside the more serious stuff, he also did Liberal Backslider, commenting about how it has become an anthem for "spiritual refugees"... After the line "I'm gonna take me a TV evangelist and punch him in the face" he paused, and remarked "I love that line. It's a crap song, but I love that line." After we all sang the last chorus with great gusto, he made us all laugh by saying that our love of that song is probably why there are a couple of prisons in York.

Afterwards Sophie and I queued up to get autographs and we also got hugged! He thanked us warmly for coming and kissed us both on the cheek. I spent the following day squeeing whenever I thought of it. Aw. So go see Martyn Joseph. He's lovely, and his music's awesome too.

I've got a friend, he's a pure-bred killing machine...

...and I've now got that song in my head. Anyway, I watched Genesis of the Daleks. It's about six episodes so 2-3hrs long, and lots of fun. There are moral dilemmas, and Davros, and some rather subtle commentary on the nature of war (subtle, Russell T. Davies, remember that? :)). I actually wasn't too enamoured with Tom Baker as the Doctor when I saw The Talons of Weng Chiang (or "That Victorian one with the Chinese man with flashy eyes and the huge rat" to non-fans) but possibly that was because I didn't really like that story (pur-lease, humungous rats living in sewers? What do you think this is?**), because I really liked him in Genesis of the Daleks. I wish a little that the stories in the more recent series of Doctor Who were a bit longer. It's funny seeing how the series has changed. I get the impression that companions like Harry and Sarah-Jane took an "assistant" role, whereas Rose has settled in primarily as the Doctor's friend - there seem to be lots of episodes where they're having fun or joking about past adventures, whereas in the past it just seemed that they just leapt straight in and fought the bad guys. Then again I've not seen any other episodes with Sarah-Jane in, so I'm not really sure how they compare as companions. (I do love Ace, though. Why can't they bring back Ace?)

I've converted my housemate Kate to Doctor Who. OK, it wasn't exactly hard, I just turned it on and she discovered she fancied David Tennant. She insists on making picky comments throughout every episode, and yelling things like "Come on people, haven't you watched any sci-fi? Run now!" at the screen, but I feel a vague sense of accomplishment over this anyway. I'm not going to bother making her watch older episodes because I know she'd laugh at the Green Death (the one with the maggots) harder than I did.

I must thank Andrew Rilstone for the observation that only true Doctor Who geeks actually call stories things like "The Green Death" when everyone else just says "the one with the maggots".

I have run out of pictures for pictorial observation. But never mind. Other things I have done recently include attempting to dance (I can do cheesy disco dancing. That's it. Salsa goes with nachos, doesn't it?), not looking for a job (will start tomorrow, promise), and going to a friend's surprise birthday picnic. I ordered everyone to sing happy birthday when she arrived. Later when she blew out her candles and we sang happy birthday, she said "Oh no, not again." Given a least half her friends are in musical societies, you'd think we could have done better than that... Even if she didn't have to say, "Oh goody, an encore!"

* On his guitar!
** Some low-budget episode of Doctor Who? Oh, right, yeah, that's exactly what it was...


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