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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I sent them an e-mail.

They sent me an application form.

I sent them a letter.

They called.

I went for an interview.

They gave me a CRB form.

I waited.

I got bored.

I called. Have I got this job or not?

They said, of course you have the job, duh, now return your CRB form and come in Wednesday.

I'm no longer unemployed!


Brilliant conversation with the Job Centre this morning. I'd called yesterday to say that I couldn't come to sign for my job seeker's allowance (which I will very shortly become ineligible for) on Tuesday, ie. today. So they told me to call up this morning and re-arrange.
"Hello, I was supposed to sign for my JSA this morning. I can't because I have a workshop."
"Have you rearranged?"
Er, no, that's why I'm calling.
"No, I would like to rearrange now."
"All right, hold on..." She returns in a couple of minutes.
"Would you prefer morning or afternoon?" she says.
Wouldn't you like to pick a day first, I think.
"Afternoon, I suppose," I say.
"How about 4pm?" 4pm when??
"You mean today?" I ask, scratching my head.
"Yes, today," she says, as if talking to a five year old.
"I can't make today," I remind her.
"You can't make today?"
"No, I can't make today and that's why I'm phoning. I was supposed to come in today but I can't make it, that's why I have to rearrange!"

She explained very slowly to me, as if I was somewhat stupid, that you have to call on the day you want to rearrange your interview for. Erm, wouldn't you like to know I'm not turning up? Wouldn't I like to know when I can next sponge off the government? Surely since I've been advanced booked for Tuesday mornings they can advance book me for Thursday afternoon? I really ought to look through my unemployment bumf and see if there's a way of signing off by post!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

In lieu of an actual entry...

Hi folks. Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I was wanting to write about Greenbelt but feeling the responsibility to write a looong entry usually puts me off any desire to write one.

Yup, I went to Greenbelt, which, to the uninitiated, is basically a sort of Christian Glastonbury. Which, to the non-Brits, is a big festival involving camping. I got a free ticket thanks to my church, which helped considering my unemployedness. Greenbelt is great because there's so much going on. I felt I had space to go to what I wanted, and time to think about God without feeling like I had to be producing testimony-worthy material by the end of the weekend.

I've also been reading Ladies against Feminism, which is quite entertaining.

And hopefully at some point I will be back with a real entry.