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Monday, October 02, 2006

What's happening, dudes

Hi dudes,

I keep hoping to update more often but I'm using the library for internet access right now until I can find a way of connecting my laptop to the internet. That said, perhaps I should wait until I can find a way of fixing my poor laptop. Its eccentricities are becoming more pronounced, and although I love and accept it as it is, I feel for the good of its health I ought to do some major formatting.

Thanks for all your kind words about the new job! I'm working as a community care worker, going into people's houses and helping with their food/washing/housework etc. I've only just started so it's a bit nerve-wracking. I haven't had a major problem so far though. The managers are very helpful and most of the people I've helped so far are very nice too. It's good to be working again, too, and doing something a bit different!

Staying in York is a bit tricky. It's amazing how expensive the mere act of living can be. I haven't been able to claim for housing benefit thanks to the unhelpfulness of the landlords but hopefully I can put in a back claim. A bit of precarious independence is good though.

I've also been helping out at St. Weirdo's (I'm beginning to feel a bit bad about that nickname, but it's affectionate, really. Maybe I should have called it St. Cool's or St. Interesting's or something but never mind). It's good to get more involved. I love alt worship.

And I'm training for a half-marathon. I am a lunatic, plainly, because I can't run 100m without being seriously out of breath. It's quite amusing (and really rather sweet) how my housemates, especially our resident marathon runner, seem to have faith in me, but friends a little closer to my own fitness and physique have told me I'm mad. I agree with both - I am mad but I reckon with enough training I can do it. Blame it all on the BBC's "Run for Glory" programme in which they got a load of unfit people and helped them train for the London Marathon. Oh, and blame Paula Radcliffe. And blame my housemate.

Since my half is in January and the London Marathon is in April I might even make it to that. Anyway, I'm being gentle with myself and I've decided that it's best just to try as hard as I can and if I keep training but can't make the half-marathon, then hey, at least I actually got out and did some exercise.


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