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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The "lost" message of Jesus?

I'm confused. I read The Lost Message of Jesus by Steve Chalke and Alan Mann, expecting a heretical diatribe full of silly feel-good credos that we don't really need Jesus, and that Jesus came to tell us we were all OK without him, and what I read was an interesting and enlightening book about how the kingdom of God is available to all and God loves us.

Did I miss something?

To be honest, I didn't even think the message was particularly "lost", just plain forgotten by certain Christians who claim to follow Jesus' teaching. Of course he teaches that we help the poor, return good for evil, and have a place in God's kingdom. Some people are just too caught up in "an eye for an eye" to realise that "turn the other cheek" is far more effective. I'll admit that with the recent sentencing of Saddam Hussein I confessed that I'd quite like to pull his toes out one by one. That doesn't mean that God is not capable in transforming even Saddam's evil into good.

I thought perhaps the writers might have been a little more thorough, but I happen to like long books... Not everyone does.

If you are privy to the knowledge of why "The Lost Message of Jesus" ought to be burnt, please leave a comment and enlighten me.



  • At 10:13 pm , Blogger Dave K said...

    I think the main cause of anger is the passage that calls the doctrine of penal substitution 'cosmic child abuse'. I think many who haven't read it think that the book is mainly about rebutting this doctrine, when actually it is little more than a passing comment.

    If I remember rightly from the time when I read it, my main beef was that it seemed quite narrowly focused in its understanding of Jesus' mission (although the typical evangelical view could be similarly criticised) and so missed the magnitude of God's saving plan, and the seriousness of our plight.

  • At 4:14 am , Blogger Mike Morrell said...

    I think the book is incredible, personally. If you want to read something similar from across the pond, see my friend Brian McLaren's The Secret Message of Jesus.

    your brother,


  • At 8:56 pm , Blogger Tiffer Robinson said...

    Chalkegate was quite fun theologically, you can buy a CD of it from the EA (Evangelical Alliance).

    What shocked me was that so many people stopped supporting Steve Chalke and his ministry both officially and financially. Because they guy doesn't get one of the 5 or 6 main ways to understand atonement. I think that is going tooooo far.

    Personally I think Chalke just has an incorrect view of the trinity (Of course I understand it perfectly). If you see the trinity in terms of three human people - Chalke has a point. If you see them as God, as we are kind of supposed to, the problem goes. I think it is seperating the trinity too much to say that one can hurt the other in a human sense.

  • At 8:15 am , Blogger Julie said...


    I always enjoy dropping by and reading your stuff....great work your'e doing. I read 'the lost message' and a friend warned me about it first. Something about it saying the cross wasn't as important as relationships... making the need for repentance a small factor ... anyway crap advice really as the book was great spot on I thought. Maybe I'm a heretic in the making. I mean I work in a bar serving alcohol!!!! I'm well on the way.

    Take care and drop by soon. I'd like your thoughts on my last post!!

    www.juliemwillcox.blogspot.com is my new url.

    love Julie x

  • At 6:07 pm , Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

    You haven't been blogging for a while! Thanks for visiting my Journal.

  • At 4:17 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...




    Brian McLaren is a danger to the salvation of all who follow him.


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