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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The obligatory update after a long absence

I really shouldn't bother saving posts as drafts. They become out of date and it seems wrong to post them... even if this is a blog, for heavens' sake, the posts are meant to get out of date.

So here is a quick rundown:

1. Life is good.
2. Gilbert and Sullivan rocks. Pirates of Penzance next week, whoo!
3. Job is ok. Seem to be doing well. People like me for some reason.
4. I am addicted to Facebook.
5. I don't know where I will be living in August but it may well be in Bradford.

Bradford. Honestly. I am living in York, beautiful place. When I told people of my dilemma between Bath and York Universities, most said, "Oh York's lovely!" And this is compared to Bath!!
The BNP actually put out a leaflet saying "We don't want York to become another Leeds or Bradford." Good point, we don't want to York to be crawling with the BNP, which is why I might actually vote Lib Dem next local election (I was originally planning to spoil my ballot).
It was really a joke when I asked my Bradford friends if I could live with them, but they said yes and suddenly it is all a possibility. It would certainly be interesting. My housemate Female Quaker suggested that I could do a community care job there that would be a bit more interesting and varied because it's a lot more built up and probably has more problems (does it ever concern you that in Heaven you'd be out of a job?). Male Quaker pointed out that York's ethnic minorities consist of some Polish, some Chinese and Archbishop Sentamu. And I do like a good curry. I'd like to learn a bit more about other cultures since frankly I am rubbish at that, I might as well write "white, middle class" on my forehead.

But I'm not entirely sure I want to leave York... sigh.

A homeless woman gave me a packet of winegums the other day. She's a friendly soul who likes to have a chat although to date I haven't even given her a proverbial cup of cold water, and veered dangerously close to telling her to keep warm and well-fed (see book of James)... I did apologise for nearly being completely tactless and she, pretty much, told me to keep warm and well-fed, which is not particularly difficult for me. Her simple and spontaneous generosity made me wonder why I worry so much and give so little.

A woman who looks after her terminally-ill husband gave me a very stern lecture on the point of marriage. I was going to tell her that I admired her for all she did but she isn't interested in praise. His communication is very disjointed and he can't do anything for himself. It sometimes seems as if she lives for him. I hope if I get married I love my husband as much as she loves hers...

Tomorrow will be my first full day off in over a week and someone has already asked me if I can do 30 minutes, and though it seems mean I really don't want to... Sigh. I would say that next week will be easier but it won't because of a little thing called Pirates of Penzance.

Also, Malt Loaf is amazing. That is all. See you next blue moon.



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