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Thursday, April 19, 2007


“Losing my passport was the least of my worries;
losing my notebook was a catastrophe.”

Bruce Chatwin

I sympathise.

I have lost my dear little notebook.

I thought I left it at a client's house. I don't think they'd be curious enough to look inside (thank goodness) but they swear they haven't seen it. I am sure I didn't have it when I got home. I may have dropped it. It does have my name and e-mail address on the front, deliberately, partly because I've misplaced it before and partly because I once lost my term's notes on Biochemistry and I now have a habit of labelling such priceless things as notebooks with contact details. (Incidentally, my friend Sian found them for me and I struggled to control myself as I was on the verge of crying with happiness. I don't think I even cried with happiness when I got my degree results, though I would have been fully entitled to).

Poor little notebook. I should have put on a telephone number and said there was a reward for returning it. I am now worried that it is being read for entertainment by the Chavlings (or is it Chavlets? Or MiniChavs?) of York. I am not going to hope the finder has enough integrity to not read it, because if I found someone else's notebook, no matter how I tried I know I'd give in and read it. So I will forgive anyone who reads it, but I so wish they'd give it back. It has... stuff... in it. Apart from anything else, it has some useful phone numbers. And some poems and things. And some rantings. And some stuff I don't want anyone to read (yes, someone as prone to losing things as me should not be writing stuff that I don't want anyone else to read in something as losable as a notebook. Gah.)

My brain is what-iffing like mad.

Anyway, here is one recoverable musing. It is a song I was thinking of using for the love song I mentioned in this entry, only I probably won't because it is far too gentle and laid back for what a 16 year old thinks of the person she's crazy about. I remember it because I was attempting to make up the tune last week and got it stuck in my head. It's meant to be jazzy and perhaps something Corinne Bailey-Rae would sing.

The days are long
There's nothing to do
But spend another afternoon with you
You crack a joke
I give a smile
And find my heart is in denial

Nothing means so much to me
As doing nothing with you
There's nothing I'd rather do
Than spend another afternoon with you

You make me feel like Spring is here
Long before the Winter's through
You make me think eternity
Would last a minute if I'm with you

Nothing feels so right to me
As doing nothing with you
Nowhere I'd rather be
Nothing I'd rather do
Than spend another afternoon with you

It's supposed to be about the sort of easy friendship you have with someone when you just sit and talk and do nothing together and it's awesome.

Only I can't seriously believe that a 16 year old girl most wants to do "nothing"... :)

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