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Friday, April 06, 2007

Job hunting continues

Woo. I put my new CV (Resumé) online last week and have already had two different people contact me. The first one was for a science job agency. I was so delighted and flattered that I pretended to be incredibly interested but was forced to be honest when they asked if I'd be willing to commit to a job (in veterinary science) long term. Probably not.

It might be due to my year in industry that I am rather cynical about jobs in science. I didn't really gel with the people in my office and though I liked my boss immensely he wasn't really that good at management. He just wanted to leave us to it and very very rarely offered feedback. And of course I got frustrated with my degree. But then, I told my careers adviser I was getting a bit nostalgic for science now, and it's true. Reading Bad Science, being geeky about chemistry, and even getting misty-eyed for my Chemistry A-level (in a story I wrote when I was 17, I had a character snapping, "Chemistry! It's fun!"). More importantly, I like to look into things with logic and reason. I think (perhaps ironically) that doing AS-Level (half an A-level) in Psychology actually taught me a good deal about this, mainly because in Psychology things aren't so much "fact" as simply things that work. (Apologies to any Psychologists for the simplification!).

The woman who spoke to me asked me how much I wanted to be paid. I can never believe my luck when people ask that. It's hard to believe that a few years ago I was at the very bottom rung of Pizza Hut, doing the bloody salad bar every bloody shift, and on minimum wage. So I said I wanted upwards of £12000 a year. She seemed amused and assured me that job she wanted to apply me for was £13500 a year.

Why is it that doing a job a ten year old could have probably managed I made £12k but now I have to be responsible adult I don't make nearly that much? Is life just horribly unfair? Is it wrong that I want to help people but would also appreciate a decent wage for doing so? Sigh. I don't want to be an avaricious person. I bear in mind that apparently Rockefeller, when asked how much money was enough, replied "Just a little bit more".

The other person who contacted me did so with a care job, that seems nice except I'd like to broaden my experience a bit and it's basically the same as what I'm doing now... only I'd need a car. I am going to have to learn to drive. This is a pain.

Anyway, job hunting continues. Why do all the jobs I want to apply for want you to phone them? Basically guaranteeing that if you work 9-5 you have to find an appropriate lunch break, or in my case wait until you have a weekday off so you can call within office hours. You'd think they'd have mastered e-mail by now.

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