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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Leaving, yet again...

Can I just say, "Aaaaaaaargh!"?
I'm leaving for Bradford in a few weeks - I still have to get lots sorted here, like packing, and what the hell I can do with all my Biochemistry notes. I feel I ought to hang onto them since I might, perhaps if it's chilly in Hades one day, get a job in science at some point. On the other hand there are lots of them and they live in the shed. Recycling!!

I've also acquired a bike which I may some day figure out how to ride. Why did I have to spend my childhood attempting to write my first novel?

And I haven't yet got a proper plan for how I'm moving...

But I do at least have a leaving party planned. Thanks to Facebook lots of people are invited, probably more than I've ever invited to any party, leaving me with the slightly ambivalent feeling that, although I would like to see them all, I'm sort of hoping that not everyone wants to come... Still, I'm sure it'll work out, the house is quite big and July will hopefully be sunny.

I've handed in my notice at work - my last day is July 15th. Meh. I shall miss all my people. I love care work. I still (tsk, tsk, lazy Helen!) haven't sorted out a job in Bradford. I feel a bit ambivalent about this too because I love care work but I find the hours annoying. It might be nice to have a Mon-Fri 9-5 job, especially if I can get in some volunteering and, if all goes well, apply for the Social Work MA with a bit more experience.

My internet access is still sketchy. I'm in the Evil Eye at the moment. I liiiike the Evil Eye. Even though they're playing a Dark Side of the Moon cover album. For heaven's sake, despite being subjected to it endlessly as a teenager, even I know that it's a great album that should not be tampered with.

So, all I have to do is move all my worldly possessions (except for the ones still in Kent) to Bradford, contact everyone to change my address, hopefully complete my vocations course, get a new job sorted, clean and tidy the house, have a party, clean and tidy the house, contact the landlord to get my deposit and not go mad. Well, very. I think I can do it.

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