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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In Bradford

Hi folks,

Well, I'm in Bradford, and I've very nearly officially left York. I meant to get up really early this morning and go back to get the rest of my things and clean the house, but I turned my alarm off and now I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop. For some reason, the wireless internet works better at this end of the room.

So far I've been to the job centre but (for shame!) not called any of the numbers I have. I also called the recruitment agency I've signed up for and it turns out they only have one of my references. Tsk! I gave them three referees! Perhaps the others are on holiday or something.

It's been strange. I've had a party to say goodbye... since I have a large number of veggie/vegan friends, the food was very nearly all vegan! With a vegan accidental trifle!* But it didn't really seem real, possibly because I'm going on holiday with some of them for a Gilbert and Sullivan geekfest.

So my room is rather messy, but looks like mine (not sure that "but" should be there :) ) - so much to unpack and my idealistic mind is suggesting that I take this opportunity to sort through all the bits that I've just thrown into boxes over the last few years. I've got all my books out, or at least all the ones I have with me.

I've already done a little babysitting :) Oh, to be fair, really I just helped Sophie with her babysitting... There was a month old baby and a two-and-a-half year old little girl, and she looked after the baby while I played with the little girl (well, mostly. We swapped occasionally so I could sit down and have a quiet cuddle :) ). It was great fun. Their dad, bless him, said to me, "You're really good with kids, I'm glad you came to Bradford" :) I think I got lucky because they were really lovely kids. I told Sophie that we have to go again :)

It is odd how people react to Bradford - lots of York people seemed surprised that I want to live here... some of the older people I cared for in York said things like "Oh you'll find it's full of Pakis" and other not-very-pleasant phrases. But I like it and think I will enjoy living here, especially as a contrast to York. (For one thing, yummy Asian food!) And I have an attic room, which I like partly because of the views and partly because of A Little Princess.

But anyway, I should go get some breakfast and head to York... Tutty bye and toodle pip :)

*Here's the recipe for "accidental trifle" (or Serendipity Trifle) if you're interested...
Make some vegan rock cakes.
Sift plain flour, demarara sugar, mixed spice into a bowl, add a bit of baking powder
Spoon in a couple of lumps of vegan margarine (I think I used Pure)
Stir until mixture resembles breadcrumbs
Add one vegan egg (OK, OK, I mean egg replacer equivalent to one egg.) Add two if you like.
Add a handful of sultanas.
Mix up... add a little water if you want.
Grease a pie tin and spoon in the mixture in roughly equal amounts.
Put in the oven on gas mark 5/6 for about twenty minutes.
After twenty minutes, attempt to take the rock cakes out. Use your favourite swearwords as they all fall to pieces. Attempt to use a knife to get them out and swear when you realise you've scratched your lovely Lakeland baking tin.
Look sadly at your pile of dead rock cake.
(If you're me, you then call your friend Sophie and exclaim, "What do I do? My rock cakes are in pieces!" But you don't need to, because I can tell you that she said, "Try making them into trifle".)
Pop to the shops for your extra ingredients. Quick Setting Jel is vegan. Pick it up with some strawberries, and some custard.
Put the dead rock cakes in a bowl and put the strawberries, quartered, on top. Pour in the Quick Setting Jel and allow to set. Get your vegan housemate to make vegan custard. Leave the diary custard available for non-vegans.

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