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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am starting to get the unemployment blues (surely that could be a song?) although hopefully now I've signed up to three (count 'em, three!) agencies, something should come up soon. And I'm going to Greenbelt at the end of the week, which will be good. And the landlord still hasn't sent me my deposit, grr!

I've been down to see my parents for the weekend - it was Dad's birthday, although alas the traditional barbecue didn't take place due to the weather. We did, however, play a couple of games of Articulate. It was good to see my family although I find myself strangely confused with how I should relate to them, now I'm a proper Grown Up (TM). It is all very odd.

I went through the things I had left in my old bedroom. Some very random bits. Old certificates that don't mean much (I was most bemused by the Girls' Brigade camp certificate for "Best Washer up"), notes from various people, the little book I got people to sign when I left primary school. Rubbish, basically. So I did what anyone in my position would do - I very carefully put them in a box.

OK, I actually did throw some things away, even some sentimental things, and I'm sure that some of the books that I've saved will end up getting sold to the Barbican bookshop or something. And I hope to get some kind of scrap book that will transform the random bits of paper to something resembling some sort of art.

Memories are funny things, aren't they?

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