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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To Greenbelt!

I'm going to Greenbelt tomorrow (to help set up, and to laugh at all those people who arrive later than me :) )

So, obviously, I'm not packed yet. And I'm nervous about Friday, when my church actually leads a service.

And our hamster, Ginny, the beautiful and supposedly intelligent hamster, has escaped.

I've been sitting in the kitchen all day with a trail of sunflower seeds leading to her cage, surfing the internet and reading fun blogs. It was quite nice, in a way. Then I came upstairs, ostensibly to pack, and when I went back down again, the seeds had gone.


Sophie, who technically owns her, told me not to worry, though I suspect she was rendered more sympathetic by the fact that I'd spent all day having a Hamster Vigil.

But Greenbelt. Thank goodness for Greenbelt. Far too much goodness for a bank holiday weekend, you have to return the next year just so you can hope to do some of the things you missed last time. This year, I intend to go to Beer and Hymns, even though I don't drink beer. The wine isn't bad though, if I remember correctly.

I was going to say it will be nice having the break, but I've been on one continuous break (the agencies will get back to me, I am optimistic), in truth it'll be nice being busy and having something to do. And seeing if there is any faith left under this crusty and skeptical shell. Well, I spent a lot of time today praying for the hamster to return. Expect a bit of "Come, rejoice with me, for I have found the hamster that was lost..."

I want to find God, but, in the words of Andromeda Veal, I fear he "won't be getting a very good deel"... I want truth, but I admit, I want it to be a nice truth...

Well, we shall see. I'm going to pack. No, really.

Edit: still haven't packed, but found the hamster.
Oh, and my friends James and Lizzie are engaged! Squeeee!

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  • At 9:26 am , Blogger St said...

    When people say they wish they had someone else's faith they often mean they wish they had someone else's certainty. Faith is living as if something is true when you don't know, for sure, it is true. Sorry. I've been writing thoughts for the day for too long.


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