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Sunday, September 02, 2007


I've decided I'm never going to make a housewife. Heh, I said that to Sophie yesterday and she joked that she would be my wife, I could be the breadwinner and she could stay home, look after the children (though where the children would come from I'm not sure) and make things for the house.

I've started dreaming about jobs. It's been a pain getting into care work in Bradford - I've signed up for three agencies and only one has asked me to do anything so far, once on my Dad's birthday and once during Greenbelt. Of course I've called up and told them I'm available pretty much indefinitely from Greenbelt but they don't seem to be interested. What a pain! A science recruitment agency want me to come in for an interview Tuesday, which is something, at least, although not what I ultimately want to do. Which reminds me, I must go to the Bradford Uni campus and prod the admissions tutor for Social Work.

Maybe all this is the ideal opportunity to become a penniless writer? I've been trying to do constructive things to fill in the gaps. Knitting is disturbingly enjoyable. And I've sewn myself a cushion, or will have done when I get around to stuffing it. I blame Sophie for all this :) I will have to try and do some writing, and hope the little writer's block monsters don't get me.

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