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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Medway Christmas

A belated Merry Christmas and a be-earlied Happy New Year. Forgive me, gentle readers - yes, all four of you - for my absence.

Quite a bit seems to have happened since I last posted, including my 24th birthday and the discovery that the job I am currently doing as a temp is being offered as a permanent position and the two women who work there permanently really want me to apply. I would really like to, even with the rather unfortunate pay-cut I'd have to take!

I still haven't met my new nephew, Ewan, but I'm sure I shall in the very near future. Possibly tomorrow, if I can sort out train times.

I am in Medway for Christmas. It is strange and just a little nostalgic. Have seen all the family and met up with my friend Sara and her boyfriend Rob, and also Christina. Today Sara, Rob and I sat in Costa Coffee and had a rather heretical conversation, consisting of such topics as whether God has a wife (God says, "Let there be light!", Mrs. God says, "Don't suppose a please is too much to ask for...") We became gradually aware that one of the staff was listening and becoming increasingly incredulous... turned out he was a Christian. I've no doubt we'll get prayed for this evening. We enjoyed bemusing him so much that after wandering down to the river to look at the swans and discarded shopping trolleys, we went back to give him some more entertainment.

After we eventually parted ways, I went back through Rochester. I've actually rather missed Rochester... it is a charming little city. I decided since this is my last full day in Kent for a while that I would go to the Cathedral... I heard the beautiful sound of Evensong outside but by the time I got in they were processing out. So I took a few pictures and wandered around, enjoying the reverential hush.

It often comes as a bit of a surprise to me that beneath whatever agnostic label I am wearing today I discover that a bit of vestigial faith remains. I still have so many confusions about God... I often feel that it does not stand to logic - that this is precisely the sort of unfair, semi-chaotic universe that may have been created without a God, and that if there is a God he/she is so ludicrously unjust that he/she is not worth worshipping except perhaps to gain personal brownie points... but in the stillness of such beautiful and ancient place, it does seem somehow plausible that God is nearby.

So I prayed anyway. Not sure what any kind of deity might think of my prayers. But perhaps there is meaning to it all, in the end.

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  • At 3:19 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Happy New Year :) & congrats on becoming an aunt too :)

    I actually came here because I was trying to find "Albus Dumbledore's Inbox" and wikipedia said to find the author here, and I was wondering if you had posted it anywhere else on the internet after ff.net took it down? As my friends would love it and I want to show them! Thanks!

  • At 2:47 am , Blogger Mike Morrell said...

    I appreciate your honesty here, Ms. Curious! I think many resonate with you and your sentiments regarding the knowability of God. Could I recommend a book to you? My friend Pete Rollins' How (Not) To Speak of God might be balm to your a/theist heart.

    your friend,



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