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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Busy Busy life

Hi folks,

Life feels soooo busy at the moment. It might be because we're moving in a month's time (to a house very near where I live now. Bigger house, cheaper rent. Pity I have to buy furniture...). It might be because I've officially started my new job (the one I was doing as a temp for about 4 months). It might be because I'm not really keeping in touch with my York friends because I still haven't got a new computer.

Or it might be because I've hardly had the urge to write in the past few months. It seems strange. Sometimes I use a paper diary, sometimes a blog. But generally I need to write, it feels somewhat unnatural that I haven't much lately. Actually there have been a couple of songs and poems. And I've been knitting (I love knitting, it's my latest craze) and painting (my other latest craze), and working on the show we're doing at work.

Creativity can be both a joy and a burden, it's very annoying. I love to paint as a way of taking part in the beauty I see in the world but it is frustrating the way you never can quite capture what is was that you saw. I find the best paintings are the ones where I tried to express the "idea" of something rather than replicating it. They tend to be simpler but because they're simple they don't seem as flawed. Does that make any sense?

At work I am taking tentative steps to a leadership role and that's frustrating too. Partly because it's traitorous to my anarchist values ;) It's just somewhat disheartening that after filling in for our Glorious Leader (day centre officer is the technical term) for a couple of months while she was away, and thinking I was doing pretty well, and then she returned and was brilliant again, reminding me what a long way I have to go. (To be fair, our Glorious Leader thinks I'm wonderful and has told the Big Boss this. Not sure what Big Boss's actual title is, he's at least four steps up the managerial chain from GL though).

And I've been doing all this training, some of which is helpful and some of which just serves to muddy the waters. The one on protection from abuse uses the term abuse to mean everything from taking someone else's Clubcard points to beating them up, and then you wonder why no one's brought up "Control and Restraint" used on adults with "challenging behaviours", or if you can admit that you gave someone a hug because they were upset. Yes, I can understand that there may be reasonable uses of restraint and inappropriate times and situations for hugging, but it would have been nice if this had actually been dealt with instead of brushed under the carpet.

Anyway, I had better go, Sophia's cooking dinner :)

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