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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stuff that's happened lately. And Greenbelt.

Back again, at last!

I used to love blogging, didn't I? Before it was all popular and when it was just about people's lives. Now it's all about opinions! And the trouble with opinions is that there are lots of people who have their own and want to argue with yours and sometimes I'm just not in the mood (to be fair, sometimes I am in the mood, which is probably why I occasionally get addicted to mesmerisingly awful Christian fundamentalist sites).

So... I'm back. As usual, the more exciting my life is, the less time I feel like blogging about it. Luckily for you guys, I've just had the most unexciting weekend in ages. The action-packed events kicked off on Saturday when I woke up early and sat watching Tru Calling on DVD whilst still in my pyjamas. There was a slight down-turn when I discovered there was a car on fire outside (a veritable crowd had gathered, yet none of us thought to call the fire brigade. In my defence, I really thought the owner of the car would have thought of it first). But fortunately the fire was extinguished, leaving me to further enjoy my boring day. Eventually I got dressed, watched more TV, did the washing up, tidied up a bit, played with the cat, sang along to Pirates of Penzance, and by this time it was dinner time, so we ate that and watched Big Fish.

Today I managed more Tru Calling and the repeat of the final of Last Choir Standing. Ysgol Glynaethwy should have won, dammit!

When I was at primary school, for quite some time we had to spend Monday mornings writing about our weekend. For someone who liked writing stories, this posed a problem. I usually had a weekend on a par with this one. I think the car on fire part was kind of exciting, but I suspect most kids realise that detailing things like being dragged around the supermarket, watching the TV, calling someone on the phone and eating potato salad for tea is incredibly boring. I usually ended up writing the plot of whatever I'd seen on television, so you'd get things like "I watched Hyacinth Bucket on Keeping Up Appearances. She entered a flower-arranging competition" etc.

So, down to news! Where have I been? What have I been doing? I bet you're all desperate to know! First of all, we have a FIFTH housemate, she is very small and hairy and I let her sit on my lap... Because she's a kitten, her name is Kerfuffle (and she is one, believe me).

Secondly, I am going to have ANOTHER NEPHEW!! Yay :) My sister's pregnant and going to have a little boy in November. I am sure he will be just as adorable as my other nephew. (Best. Nephews. Ever.)

Thirdly... I've been to Buxton, and Greenbelt. Buxton was the veritable smorgasbord of Gilbert and Sullivan. This year we saw Youth Iolanthe, Trent Opera's Sorcerer, Southampton's Ruddigore, Savoynet's Princess Ida, and a professional production of The Gondoliers, the latter from the worst seats I've ever had. Still, they were the only ones left, what can you do? We didn't have James this year (he was away. Something to do with a honeymoon, apparently. Honestly, they'd only been married two days!) though we did get the inimitable Jim for the last couple of days. We also suffered a serious tent leakage. On the plus side, this happened in a town with at least 2 good camping shops.

Greenbelt was... well. It was Greenbelt. I seemed to spend most of the time feeling tired, possibly because I was venue managing, in Soul Space, the quiet and contemplative bit of Greenbelt. I've decided I want something a bit more lively next time! But the people were nice, and I even got Spiritual Direction with someone who didn't laugh at me for having a testimony that includes Heidi. And they gave me Monday off, so I got to see Martyn Joseph and the Scratch Musical Rock on Simon Peter.

I don't know where I am with God, if there is a God... what can I say? At Greenbelt I get a sense of hope and purpose that I feel my rather secular life is lacking... It seems that everywhere around there is prejudice and fear... I know I'm often one of the culprits (argh! Yet I try so hard! I am very trying!) and it is good to be among people who aren't just taking it, just settling in to assimilate into our broken society. But I can't spend all year at Greenbelt (I would, though :) )... so in the mean time, what am I to do?