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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Things I would like to make and do -

A knitted purple handbag
A floral dress with smocking around the waist
A big painting, haven't decided what of yet...
Several fun piano and percussion arrangements of popular songs
Papier maché ornaments for my room
Secret postcards!
A liquid-look satin party dress
A top with puffed sleeves
A hat with cat ears on it (for Eric)
The thick socks I promised Ceri ages ago
Write a musical!
Lots of drawings
My very own pop-up book
Make cake
Learn to cook some kind of new dish
Start maintaining my blog again
Start a new blog for all the things I've made and done
Write a novel or four
Finish the show we've been rehearsing for ages
Do a project at work based on Sergeant Pepper (I think it could be awesome)
Find a way to put all my various talents to good use...

Things I'm actually likely to be able to do

Finish my tunic that I'm sewing.
Scribble a few thoughts in my spare time in a notebook
Possibly do some painting, when I get around to it.
Get a new zip for my handbag
Fulfil all the criteria for my minute yearly payrise.

Oh well...

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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Hi folks... I'm back for a little while.

I seem to feel rather like life is one big haze at the moment. Possibly because I have another show coming up (am chorus with a few solo lines in this one... it's a Sondheim. Fun, but I still miss my G&S!), and there have been yet more changes at work. I wouldn't mind but I came in on the Monday morning of my week off to sort out what was going on, and by the afternoon they'd changed it. Sigh. I want to run away and start my own project/anarchist collective.

Also I've learned to sew, which is quite exciting, I've made a skirt, a gingham dress, and I'm working on a top, which I've done from a pattern, and it just needs the sleeves doing, the hemming and the sparkly stuff put on.

There are just so many things I want to make and do, but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. It's frustrating.

And I wonder if this desire to write stories and articles, to knit people hats and scarves and novelty socks, to sew myself all the party dresses for all the parties I never get invited to, to do a series of paintings, and to do all the fun drama projects in the world at work, maybe it's all from some kind of desire to validate myself.

It's depressing that at 25 years old there's still a part of me desperate to prove myself.

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