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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Alphabetical Pie

I hadn't written a parody for ages and then I hit on the idea of a parody with each line beginning with a different letter of the alphabet, preferably with internal alliteration too. But by the time I'd got to the chorus, and the letter T, I decided I didn't want to see another thesaurus again.

So, to the tune of American Pie...

An age and an age ago
Becomes me to brood over
Choruses creating curled-up lips
Discerning destiny's throw of dice
Expressive dancing I'd entice
For felicitious feelings it equips
Gelid February goaded grieving
Helped handsomely by papers heaving
Ignoble info inside
Just jilted me to abide
Knowledge scarce on tears I shed
Learning of the lass he'd wed
Maybe I was moved, that said
Now all the notes have died

Oh, over! Our American Pie
Parked my pickup by the flood protectors
Quit and quite dry
Rural rakes were refreshing with rye
Singing, soon I will sigh my last sigh
Today will be the time that I die

(I think "ignoble info inside" for "bad news on the door step" is probably my favourite line. "Flood protectors" makes me wince, and "knowledge" seems like cheating somehow...)



  • At 10:15 pm , Blogger Lois said...

    Good! :)
    There's something wrong when I can remember the words to the Star Wars version better than the original. And indeed the Mikado version:
    "My, my, this here Nanki-Poo guy
    He's the son of the Mikado but he's here in disguise,
    He left his home or else he would have died
    'Cos he wouldn't take this hag for his bride,
    He wouldn't take this hag for his bride."
    which the directors used to 'explain' the plot last October!


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